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Portable Car Air

Portable Car Air

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Product size 150mm (L) * 60mm (oval)
Battery capacity 2000mah 3.7V
Battery overshoot/over discharge protection voltage 4.2V/2.7V
Charging time 2-3H
Working life 600 cycles (200H)
Motor Motor overcurrent protection Yes
Motor no-load timeout protection
Working life 800H
Working temperature 0℃-45℃
Inflatable pressure range 0-100PSI
Inflation speed 20L/min
Duration: 40min (battery can be charged for 10-20 bicycle tires)
Working noise Distance 1m≦85dB
Charging interface Micro-USB
Charging parameters 5V/2A
Accessories 160mm trachea ball needle swimming ring mouth US copper mouth USB charging cable
Product packaging size 220*65*50mm
Product packaging material

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